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Top 5 rings for Pakistani Men in 2020 by Xessories

Top 5 rings for Pakistani Men in 2020 by Xessories:

One of the major crushes in the world of fashion happens to be the rings. Over the eternities, rings have been an intrinsic chunk of human fetish. If you have a quick overview of the history, the Roman, Greek, and Ottoman Empires considered rings as a strong symbol of power, position, commitment, wealth and status. From prehistoric till existing day men have worn rings as a significant mark.

There are many traditions in general when it comes to rings but most men can’t quite put their finger on, to pick the right ring. But that’s not problematic at all if you are about to buy Xessories rings.  Every ring has a story to tell. What Kind of story are you willing to share? have got you the perfect rings to tell your story without uttering a single word. Everyone has a personal style. If you are new to wearing rings, remember a ring that looks perfect on someone, might not always suit your personality. Henceforth, below are the top 5 rings for Pakistani men in 2020 by Xessories.      

1) GeoDiamond Ring:

When on a hunt for buying yourself the perfect ring you have fallen for this old-aged metal look mystery. Do I purchase this or that? One of the most sold rings of are GeoDiamond rings. This ring is all you need to top off your perfect look. No matter what your look and outfit is, this piece is always there for you to make a bold mark and get you a lot of compliments. What more to say about this piece of art when a famous Instagram celebrity and Tiktoker Mustafa Ali Shah instantly dived into our trend. He sure loves his GeoDiamong ring, and we are sure that you’ll love it too.

This ring comes in 316L Stainless steel which will keep it the same as it arrived the first day for a very long time, and it is in an aged metal finish to give it grunge and rugged look. Available in 8 – 11 US ring sizes. (In case you would like to know more about ring sizes and which will be suitable for you, read Xessories Ring Sizing Guide) It comes with Xessories original mini gift box, so it can become a classy gift. And a small velvet pouch, to keep it safe.

2) Honor of the Tribe Ring:

honor of the tribe xessories

Design and pattern rings never go out of style for men, it brings personality and character. They find their way to mark a statement. If you are searching to create your own style than you need to buy Titanium Honor of the Tribe ring. These rings are a perfect choice for men who wants to give a bolder and confident outlook such as bikers, Sportscar lovers, weight lifters and fitness enthusiasts. It’s more suitable for men with bit heavy hands, as the ring band is quite wide (13mm). It will not only go with your casual outfit but will also look great on semi-formal attire, you just need the confidence to pull it off correctly. So, what are you waiting for? Why don’t you stack up your Honor of the tribe ring?

The honor of the Tribe ring comes in titanium hardened Stainless steel which adds the weight but also the quality and toughness to the ring, which will keep it the same as it arrived the first day for a very long time, and it is in a gloss silver finish to give it a neat and shiny look. Available in 8 – 11 US ring sizes. It comes with Xessories original mini gift box, so it can become a classy gift. And a small velvet pouch, to keep it safe.

3) Infinity Ring:

Infinity ring sometimes also recognized as an eternity ring. In the olden and golden days, these rings were given to a king from a queen or vice versa in order to keep them for infinity. In the present era men have pompously been wearing it.  What’s special about this ring is that it has “Never Give Up” engraved inside the ring, which surely reminds the person wearing to stay strong, keep going and never give up, simply it gives confidence. This patterned aged metal ring can draw all the attention to your hand for sure. If you are the type of guy who enjoys wearing disheveled details and wants to venture past traditions, you can surely accessorize your hands with this ring. They emphasize on charm and masculine as well.

People love wearing the infinity ring, as it doesn’t draw extreme attention, which makes it cool and yet not overly catchy. Then it’s minimal Infinity gives it a unique look. And the “Never Give Up” engraving is the real deal, which provides real confidence to the person wearing it. It also comes in 316L stainless steel, with more of a blacker finish with an aged metal look. It’s available in 7 – 11 US ring sizes. It also comes with Xessories original mini gift box, so it can become a classy gift any day you want. And a small velvet pouch, to keep it safe for all the environmental factors.

4) Basic Roman Ring:

For most of us causal outfits are an everyday essential. So, one must style themselves accordingly. All you need is causal outfits that will help you stand out from the crowd. What will be better than refreshing your necessities with an addition of minimalist designed rings? These Basic Roman rings are a perfect combination no matter what your profession is. These rings appear so out of the ordinary that they will surely complement your serious personality. All you need to do is place basic roman ring on your fingers and your good to go. Roman numerals are written on it, which gives it a classy touch.

Its made with stainless steel and gloss finishing. It has 3 basic colors in it, that can go with any look, the shiny Steel, Golden, and black, each color has it’s own outlook, an artist is just required to blend it in his/her outfit. This is quite a neutral ring, so it can be worn by both men and women. It comes in size 6 – 11 so it can fit both men and women.

5) Basic Titanium Rings:

Some of you surely can’t separate themselves from all the black outfits, especially when you are a working or business-oriented person. These Basic Titanium rings can bring out the best of confidence and courage in you. With just a touch of completes your outfit of the day. These rings are an essential in every wardrobe, as you never know when you would like to add a touch of style and class to either your casual or formal outfit. Their minimal style is suitable for literally every kind of outfit, you can wear these with a jeans, or even with a 3 piece formal suiting. To keep it simple, you can choose the slimmer band size, to make more of a statement, you can bundle slimmer and thicker bands, or even multiple colors together.

Essential Basic titanium rings come in 3 colors, in which Steel and Golden are mirror polished, and black is in gloss. It’s made of titanium which gives it an ultimate smooth texture to touch and give it solid strength at the same time. It comes in 2 band sizes, one is 6mm wide and the other is 8mm wide. Sizes are available in 6 – 11 US. It comes in a xessories velvet pouch so it can be protected. So what are you waiting for? Order now.


To conclude, feel free to check out rings collection. Let’s help you master the look at the end of the day these versatile pieces as they will help you rock your fingers along with your outfit like a pro. You should add at least one such lustrous ring to your collection.

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